Using the phone


How to transfer calls

0:01 Simple Transfer
Pick up call - Xfer button - Dial Extension - Xfer button

0:30 Talk with Staff before Transfer
Pick up call - Xfer button - Dial extension - Talk with the person - When done talking, press Xfer button

1:38 Parked Transfer
Pick up call - Xfer button - Dial 9000 - Anyone anywhere in the phone system can press 9001 to pick up that call
* Note that the 9001 becomes 9002 if 9001 is already taken (with another prior parked call), and 9003, and so on.

3:57 How to get back to call after transferring out (variation 1)

4:58 How to get back to call after transferring out (variation 2)

Initial Setup (Provisioning)

Cisco 303 Phones

  1. Press Menu on phone.
  2. Scroll down to 14: Factory Reset, say yes to all. Wait for phone to reboot.
  3. Once phone is on, press Menu, go to 9 Network -> Look at 2. Current IP, which will likely be in the format of 192.168.1.XX. 
  4. On a computer, open browser and type the IP address (, for example)
  5. On the top right, click Admnin Login
  6. On the top right, click Advanced
  7. Click the Provisioning tab
  8. Change Profile Rule to$MA.cfg
  9. Click Submit All Changes at bottom
  10. In a minute or two, the phone will reboot and display the extension number.

Polycom Phones

The below video goes step by step on how to set up the phone.

  1. Turn power off (unplug phone power), then turn on again
  2. When the phone is Loading Application, use soft button to cancel
  3. In the next screen (it counts down to 10) press simultanously the 1, 3, 5, 7 keys in the phone and hold them until it asks for a password
  4. .You'll need to enter the MAC number, which is in the back of the phone
    1. To enter them, you'll be using the number buttons on the phone to enter text. There are three input modes and which input mode is on is shown above the soft key on the left. 1 -> Aa means you are entering numbers. Press the soft key and it will change to A->a1, meaning you are entering letters now.
    2. When on letter input mode: Each number has letter above. 2 is ABC, 3 is DEF. To enter A, press 2 once. To enter B, press 2 twice. To enter C, press 2 three times. And so on for the other characters. The phone won't show you what you entered, so just do it a bit slowly to ensure no mistakes are made.
    3. Enter the full MAC number. For example, 0004F259D50A
    4. Press OK
    5. If the MAC number was entered correctly, it will say "Resetting config"
    6. If it was wrong, it will say "Incorrect password", and will go back to step 2 above (where you must press cancel). Just follow the steps again and enter the MAC number again.
  5. The phone will boot up. Wait until it's done booting.
  6. Press the Menu button, use the up and down buttons navigate to Settings then Advanced
  7. Type in the password which is "456"
  8. Navigate to Admin Settings>Network Configuration>Provisioning server->Server type
  9. Use the right key to change Server Type to HTTP
  10. Scroll down to "Server Address" and select it
    1. You'll be entering the following:
    2. On the screen, you'll see a "123" in black
    3. Use the # key to switch "123" to "URL"
    4. Use the same method as the password entry from earlier to enter the address. The entry is not hidden this time, so it should not be too hard.
    5. The period (.), colon (:) and slash (/) are under the asterisk button
    6. Use the softkey << (top right) to delete
  11. Hit ok
  12. Press left until it asks you to save configuration. Select Save.
  13. Select menu, and phone should reboot You are done!