Nonprofit Bulk Mail

KRC runs a medium sized mailing operation of 3,000 to 25,000 pcs a time, 5 times a year. The below document details the steps involved.

Running a Mailing Job

  1. Determine amount
  2. Print. If using vendor, don't fold the pieces
  3. Check account balance
  4. If there is not enough in the balance, additional amounts can be paid on the same day that the job is dropped
  5. Include yourself in the mailing list (to know when they start delivering)
  6. In-House
    1. Current knowledge level allows for machinable class
    2. Pre-Sort and print labels
    3. Group mail by areas into trays
    4. Use 3602-NZ form
      Sample KRC information: Page 1, Page 2
  7. Mailing Vendor
    1. Contact vendor (Current vendor contact information) and get price quote
      Sample quote request: 11x17 20# copy paper, fold twice (5.5x8.5) for self-mailer, 600 pcs
    2. Provide list in Excel file. Separate first name, last name, street, city, state, zip, phone
    3. Current vendor has turnaround of 3 business days

KRC Information

  • Mailer ID: 901023662
  • USPS Nonprofit Auth No: 671884
  • Permit No: 5702

Imprint Permit format:


Maintaining account

Opening new account

Switching to CAPS System

CAPS allows USPS to deduct from your bank account each time a mailing is done, instead of depositing a check.

  1. The process takes 10-20 days
  2. Empty your Mail permit balance. Use form PS-3533, which you can obtain at a local post office, not online.
    1. Check Request Disbursement For: Refund of Permit Postage and Fees
    2. Mail to:
      ATTN: Bobby
      7001 S Central Ave Room 210
      Los Angeles, CA 90052
  3. Fill out forms 6001, 6002 and 6003.
  4. These are not online forms. Fill them out on the computer, then print the page, sign all 3 forms (6002's signing area is particular not very visible) and mail as instructed.