Computer Tips


How to download YouTube videos


  1. Run FireFox (install Firefox if it isn't available)
  2. Menu -> Add-ons -> Search "download youtube video"
  3. Install the add-oin called "Download YouTube videos as MP4". (There are many extensions with similar names, so watch for this exact name. Some of the older version extensions do not work.)* 
  4. FireFox may require you to restart FireFox. Click the restart button - Firefox will exit and come back
  5. Go to the YouTube video you want to download. There will be a new "Download" button next to the usual Add, Share, More - click Download, then select 720p if available (if 720p is not available, select highest number available)






Alcatel Linkzone

T-Mobile ZTE Z915

ZTE Z917


  1. Turn on the hotspot. 
    • ZTE: Hold the OK button for a few seconds
    • Alcatel: Press the top POwer button for a few seconds
  2. Connect
    1. Laptop: Connect to Wi-Fi: krc2, password is public level password
    2. Desktop: use a microUSB cable (same one used to charge android smartphones) to connect the hotspot to a computer. The computer will automatically set up and in a few seconds it will have network signal.
  3. Admin: If you need admin access to the hotspot to change hotspot settings (APN, wifi password, etc), have a device connect to the hotspot (laptop, smartphone), and on that device, go to Password is staff level password.

Pricing: these hotspots are on KRC's Project Fi Data-only plan. The rate is $10 per GB used, and when not used, there is zero charge. The bill is processed together with the KRC smartphone bill ($20/month)

Initial Setup (Only needed for the first time device is purchased)

Dialup: *99# (Only Linkzone seems to require this)
APN: h2g2